Producers of quality Steel,
Stainless Steel & Alloy Casting


Quality Policy/Processes

Quality is the heart beat of Duvha Foundry.

We test every heat prior to any casting being poured to ensure conformance to all association guidelines; specifications & customers requirements.

All casting are metallurgically tested using our 
  • Q4-Bruker spectrograph
  • Microscopic evaluation
  • Hardness testing machine
  • Sent out for tensile testing and/or
  • X-Ray testing to ensure solidity were required
Duvha Foundry is ISO 9001:2015 ASR accredited and we are a member of the SAIF.


Duvha Foundry has 6 furnaces controlled on different power packs:

  • 2500kg X 2
  • 1000kg X 1
  • 600kg X 1
  • 500kg X 1
  • 150kg X 1

We also have the following:

  • A Brucker Q4 Spectrometer
  • A fully automated 5 ton/hour sand plant with a continuous mixer
  • Brinnell hardness tester
  • Shotblasting plant
  • Full sand reclamation plant with 2 X 30 ton sand silos
  • Industrial compressor with air dryer
  • 3 X 5 ton Cranes
  • 2 X 10 ton Cranes
  • Top hat heat treatment and all other foundry accessories

Do you require steel or alloy casting of  products?

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There is no casting project to big or to small. We will provide you with quality & affordable cast products.



Our foundry can cast the following:
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel (Heat and Chemical Resistance)
  • Chrome Iron
  • Cast Iron
  • SG Iron
  • And Manganese steel
Our castings weight range from 2.5kg to 2000kg Net weight, depending on the casting yield and method requirements.

Markets Serviced

We serve a wide range of market such as:

  • Pump and Valve Companies
  • Rail Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Engineering Companies and Machine Shops
  • Power Generating Companies
  • Cement Companies
  • Smelters and Heat Treatment Companies
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Companies

Quality Process